Monday, June 13, 2005

Day 939 - Quiet Times

Hello all,

Haven't had much to blog about lately. Actually, I have just been trying to recover from the busy week I just finished. The BBQ Saturday was nice, and then went to the Padres game yesterday afternoon. We lost, but it was a great game.

Otherwise there really hasn't been that much going on. As I have said in the past, there are times this kind of quiet in life can drive me crazy. I was so used to having chaos in every aspect of my life when gambling that I kind of got used to it! Now, when everything isn't a crisis, and things just make smaller differences in life, good and bad, it is sometimes hard to handle.

My birthday is Wednesday. I ll be 43 years old. Sheesh...I have no idea where I thought I would be at this point in life, but I don't think it was where I am? I am not depressed or complaining mind you, I have been all through those emotions over the last couple of years and I accept where I am. Just making an observation I guess that you never really know where life will take you. I have no special plans for the birthday. Most of my family is getting ready to head back to Boston for my younger brother's wedding next week. I won't be going. No big story to that really...I guess I ll talk about that as it gets closer.

Anyway, really slow news day also on the problem gambler front. I hope everyone is doing well.

Oh, the CGHUB I talked about here in the past has been reborn as the SFCGHUB (safe harbor compulsive gamblers hub). Pretty much the same as the old, with some of the same problems and benefits. Check it out if you like at or from the link on the right.

Have a good night.