Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Day 933 - A Busy Week Of Recovery

As a recovering compulsive gambler I have often said that my DESIRE to keep from gambling can be directly related to the ACTIONS I am willing to take to ensure I don't. The ways that I work towards the goal can vary depending on what life is offering me at the time, but usually involves attending meetings, giving back to the Gamblers Anonymous program (service as we call it), blogging here and more.

Well, this week's main focus will be meetings, with a little bit of service. It starts tonight with my attendance at our monthly intergroup meeting, but this month I am even going a couple hours early as I am part of a committee doing a special review of our San Diego GA website. We all love the site, but there have been a couple of concerns that we may want to add links to "outside issue" sites such as credit bureau services etc.... These little committees can be enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. But then isn't all of life?

Anyway, tomorrow night is my "home" meeting and then Thursday is the 15-Year abstinence celebration for one of our area's most stalworthy members. This guys is amazing! He is our current intergroup chairperson, attends numerous meetings per week, sponsors a bunch of people, yet is somehow still very down to earth, realistic, and fun to be around! This meeting will be VERY well-attended and I am sure I will see some people I haven't seen for awhile. It will be nice.

Then on Saturday, a friend of mine in the program is moving to the midwest and we are having a little BBQ for him, followed by a FIVE member birthday celebration at a meeting on Sunday.

Pretty hard for me to gamble with all this going on...

I will bring back some of the highlights.