Sunday, April 10, 2005

Who Am I anyway?

I guess I will give a little bit of background on myself as it relates to gambling. Im sure over time other aspects of my life will be revealed but as the main focus of this blog is my journey after my last bet I will start there. Also, as I will likely talk about my experiences in Gamblers Anonymous here I will NOT reveal any names nor information that could jeopardize another's anonymity.

I am a 40's white guy who never gambled much at all most of my life. I would occassionally enter a sports pool or go to the track at Del Mar once a year. But until I was in my mid 30s I had never gone to Las Vegas, never played a slot machine, never played "poker with the guys", and definitely had never played blackjack for money. That all changed in late 1993 during a visit to my girlfriend's (We ll call her A since we are not together anymore and I dont want to piss her off!) sister in Vegas. "A" gambled with her mother and sisters a couple of times a year and was anxious to teach me all she knew. She is an extremely beautiful woman and Vegas is just her cup of tea. She would get dressed to the hilt, and off to the tables she went.

Anyway, that is when I learned to play blackjack. Little did I know that over the next 9 years my love of the game would turn to obsession and that eventually I would become so obsessed with playing that I would lose "A", the children, my brothers, friends, job(s), and every posession I had and be sleeping in a homeless shelter.

Tommorrow I ll recount the some more of my gambling past...